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Standards of Performance

For Micro Business Customers

As your energy supplier, we work closely with the energy regulator Ofgem to ensure that your rights are protected and that you (the customer) benefit from certain standards of service or performance. For reference these are outlined as follows:

Appointments at your premises

Whenever we make an appointment with you (whether requested by you or by us), we will always ensure that any Dual Energy representative (including a third-party meter operator) who visits you has the skills, experience and resources to carry out the planned work.

Appointments could include any of the following: 

• When we or our agents need access to your business site

• When you ask us, as your business electricity or gas supplier, to come to your premises to carry out work

• We need to carry out smart meter installations and pre-installation appointments

If we make or rearrange an appointment with you, the time slot we give you will be no longer than 4 hours and will take place within normal business working hours (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, excluding Bank Holidays). You can request a date and time period for your appointment and we’ll do our best to accommodate this, unless it is a period of 2 hours or less, or outside of working hours. If we need to rearrange an appointment, we will always give more than one working day’s notice unless we have express written agreement from you.

If we don’t keep to our appointment standards

As a micro business customer if we don’t meet any of the standards laid out above, we will give you a standard payment of £30. You don't need to do anything as we'll automatically make the compensation payment to you within 10 working days with an explanation of why the standard that was not met. If we fail to do so within the timescale of 10 working days, we will make another £30 payment to you.

When the appointment standards do not apply

You should be aware that there are a few exceptions to the above. For example, if you cancel the booked appointment, if we rearrange or cancel a booked appointment with more than one workings day’s notice, or if the appointment cannot go-ahead due to extreme weather conditions or lack of access by you. Occasionally if we're looking into a genuine dispute, such as a failed installation, this may take longer than 10 working days and, in such circumstances, the additional £30 compensation wouldn't apply.

Fair billing of micro businesses

If you have been undercharged for your electricity or gas service, we may have to create an invoice that will back bill to cover the amount owed.

We appreciate the impact this can have on business cash flow and will always do our best to limit this by the following:

• Offer fair and transparent payment plans if you need help paying the amount owed

• Get any back billing right first time by providing one accurate bill for any outstanding amounts

• Make it easy for you to make and send meter readings, and to keep in touch if you move business premises

• Make it easy to pay outstanding balances online

How to avoid back billing

There are a number of steps you can take to avoid having to deal with back billing.

• Tell us when you're moving premises

• Give actual meter reads to avoid estimated reads

• Tell us if there's a change at your business site – for example, if you extend your operating hours or install large new machinery

• Install a business smart meter

à         As you approach the end of the contract, Dual Energy will notify you of future pricing and contract term options. If you decide not to renew on one of these options, you will roll onto the SmartFlex variable tariff.

à         With the SmartFlex tariff you can terminate at any time by giving 30-day’s notice and there are no termination fees. Rates are variable and can go up as well as down in line with market conditions.

à         Information regarding the contract end date and termination notice is available on your monthly Dual Energy bill. Please also refer to the terms and conditions provided in your renewal welcome letter and website

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