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Smart Meter - Web Analyser Service

Take the first step towards controlling your energy usage

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Our Web Analyser Service makes it easy for you to understand when you use your electricity supply*. Cost control is a priority for any business and by monitoring the data provided by your Smart Meter you will be able to identify where energy is wasted and how you can change behaviour to reduce unnecessary supply.

Compare your current and historical usage on a daily basis, allowing you to implement and track changes within your business to reduce utility costs and carbon footprint.

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Web Analyser

Control your costs

View your detailed electricity usage data, uploaded on a 'day plus one' basis

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Daily update of consumption, 24hr data feed

Data viewable in half hour intervals

Ideal for those with tight budget controls & who need to monitor usage on a daily basis

£3.95 a month, per meter supply

(excluding VAT)

*Subject to meter compatibility.