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Smart Meter Billing - How it works

Accurate billing, automated reads, monitor electricity usage

Smart Meters are the future in billing technology. They help customers to save time, money and effort, and instead focus on running their business. Smart Meters are a big improvement on current digital and mechanical meters, they do not need to be read by a person. The Smart Meter billing process is simple:


Your Smart Meter automatically sends readings for your electricity supply usage. The signal is securely transmitted to us via a SIM card in the meter, just like a mobile phone.

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We use the data sent by your meter to calculate your Budget Plan and ensure you receive an accurate invoice. You receive your invoice during the early part of each month.

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View your electricity usage on a daily/monthly basis via our Web Analyser Service. Use this valuable data to better manage your energy consumption, control costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

*In some instances (e.g. poor meter signal strength), we may have to issue an estimated or part-estimated bill for your usage.