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Smart Meters Explained

Take control of your business electricity costs with a Free Smart Meter...

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Join the thousands of businesses that are taking control of their energy usage with a FREE Smart Meter from Dual Energy. Our Smart Meters make it easy for you to monitor the electricity you are using and when, helping you to highlight ways to save energy and reduce your costs.

What is 'Smart' about a Smart Meter?

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A Smart Meter automatically takes readings of your usage

The readings are sent via secure mobile communication

You receive a monthly bill based on accurate usage

Usage data can be viewed via our Web Analyser Service

How will a Smart Meter benefit my business?

Accurate monthly billing

Our Smart Meters provide regular readings that enable us to get an accurate understanding of how you use your electricity. We use the readings to ensure your monthly Budget Plan remains in line with your actual usage. If you are paying too much or too little we will adjust it accordingly.

Reduce your energy consumption
When used in conjunction with our Web Analyser Service, a Smart Meter provides you with a detailed breakdown of your energy consumption. Monitor valuable usage data at up to half hour intervals on a daily basis to identify ways to save energy.

Hassle-free service, easy-to-install
Our Smart Meters automatically send readings, so you won't need to bother with manual readings ever again. Installation is straightforward and done with minimal disruption to your business.

Installing a Smart Meter in your business doesn't just mean smarter billing. It gives you better control of your electricity usage by allowing you to see where and when you're using the most. This valuable data can help you make decisions about the amount of energy you use.