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P272 Update

Understanding changes to business electricity metering & how it could affect you...

1. What is P272?
OFGEM have required all energy suppliers to change the way in which customers with Profile Classes of 05 to 08 meters are billed. The P272 regulation rules mean that actual consumption will read remotely and measured on a half hourly (HH) basis.

2. Does it apply to my business?
Your meter profile class can be found on your Dual Energy invoice from your MPAN number. It is the first 2 digits to the right of the ‘S’ on the top row (see MPAN example).

3. Why is this change being made?
This change is industry-wide and will enable energy costs to be worked out more accurately through more detailed and regular data being obtained. As a result some customers may see an increase in the amount which they are charged and others may see a reduction. 

MPAN Example

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4. When does this change take place?
All businesses affected must be using half-hourly consumption for billing by 1st April 2017. We are in the process of changing over our customer accounts onto half-hourly billing and we will contact you before your contract renewal date regarding your product and tariff options, as these may change. 

5. What is a DNO?
A DNO is a Distribution Network Operator responsible for ensuring that your connection to the network is safe and has the right capacity to deal with your electricity needs. Your DNO can be found on your electricity invoice under the Distributor ID of your MPAN (see MPAN example).

6. Contact from your DNO
Your DNO may have written to you to have advised you about the changes, in particular to find out what your Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) needs are.

7. What is Maximum Import Capacity?
Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) is the maximum amount of power that is able to flow through your electricity supply to your business. The MIC is determined in kvA (Kilovolt amperes). The amount you pay is dependent on the amount that you need.

8. How is your Maximum Import Capacity calculated?
Your DNO has been provided with your electricity consumption for the past year by us or your previous supplier, if you have recently joined us. It is from this usage which they will calculate the suggested amount for your MIC. The way in which a MIC is calculated can differ depending on which DNO you have. If you believe that your MIC is incorrect and requires changing, please contact your DNO.

9. Will this affect my consumption at all?
No, your consumption will remain the same, only the way you are billed will be different which may result in some changes to the amount you currently pay.

10. Will I need a new meter installed?
An Automatic Meter Reading Meter (AMR) is required to obtain half-hourly reads. If you do not already have one, we will make arrangements with you to install one.

11. Will my invoice look any different?
There will be some slight changes to the way your usage is displayed. You will still see a total invoice amount and the amount to be debited from your bank account.

12. Will this affect gas meters and billing?
No, these changes only affect the electricity industry.

If you have any questions relating to half-hourly billing and how it may affect you, please contact our UK Customer Services on 01903 703400 or e-mail