Smarter Electricity - Fixed Price Contracts

Highly competitive prices, fixed to suit your business

Thousands of UK businesses are already fixing their electricity prices and reducing their monthly bills with Dual Energy, isn't it time you switched to a SMARTER independent supplier?

We have a range of products that enable you to secure our highly competitive electricity prices for a fixed term that suits your business.

SMARTSaver - 3 Year + Annual Price Review
Our flagship product enables you to fix our best prices for the first 12 months. Thereafter, our annual price review ensures you continue to pay a competitive price against current market rates. Plus, if you find a better deal we'll match it (price match terms apply).

SMARTSaver - 1, 2 or 3 Year Fixed

It's simple, fix our highly competitive electricity prices for a term that suits your business. Choose from a 1, 2 or 3 Year Fixed product, giving you the flexibility to secure low prices in the long-term and guarantee savings for your business.

Budget Plan Payment
Spread your costs throughout the year with once monthly Budget Plan payments of a fixed amount based on your usage. Payments are taken by Direct Debit on the same day each month. Direct Debit is the safest and most convenient way to make payment, and you are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee at all times. Learn more about Budget Plans.

More reasons to switch to Dual Energy...

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Accurate billing - Our Smart Meters provide daily readings that enable us to get an accurate understanding of how you use your electricity. We use the readings to ensure your monthly Budget Plan remains in line with your actual usage. If you are paying too much or too little we will adjust it accordingly.

First-class UK Customer Services - We are committed to providing excellent customer service and pride ourselves on delivering a straightforward and hassle-free service to you and your business.

Hassle free, seamless transfer - We carefully manage the transfer from your previous supplier for you. The installation of your Free Smart Meter will be carried out by a trusted 3rd party working on behalf of Dual Energy, and completed with minimal interuption to your business. The installation may take up to 4-6 weeks to complete so you may be asked to provide a meter reading in the meantime to ensure you receive an accurate bill.

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