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Energy saving tips for your business this summer…

Keeping Cool
• Ensure it is working effectively, possibly using timers and sensors so you do not cool the office when no one is there. Use a programmable thermostat to ensure it is easy to adjust the settings. You can also consider locking the thermostat so that employees cannot change the temperature settings. Keep windows and doors closed so that cool air doesn’t escape.
• To assist the cooling of the room close window blinds to shade your rooms from direct sunlight.
• Install window film, solar screens or awning in south and west facing windows.
• Install ceiling fans - they make it feel cooler during the summer. You can also set toilet fans to operate when the lights are turned on.
• Insulate water heaters.

The Right Light
Only turn lights on when they are needed ensure areas of non-production are not using unnecessary lighting. Attempt to use sensors and time switches so lights aren’t left on when not needed. Replace normal light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives. Again, make sure that equipment and lights are turned off after hours.

Computers and Other Office Equipment
• Choose settings that automatically switch the computer monitor into hibernate or "power-down" mode when it hasn't been worked on for a predetermined amount of time.
• Consider having employees use laptop computers since they use up to 90 percent less energy than a standard computer. Also, consider ink-jet printers which also use 90 percent less energy than laser printers.

Food Service and Refrigeration Equipment
• Fully load cooking equipment to use energy efficiently. However, be careful not to overload beyond the recommended capacity.
• Keep pots covered to reduce heat loss.
• Buy insulated cooking equipment when possible since insulation keeps more heat in the equipment instead of the room.

6 Aug 2013

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