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Introducing 'Smartyn'

Making it easier to do business

Hello, my name is Smartyn and it’s my job to ensure you have all the information you need to recommend Dual Energy, helping customers to make ‘The Smart Choice’.

Whether it’s knowledge of our market-leading products, the lowdown on what we will and won’t accept or how to submit your first contract, I’m here to help.

Our aim is to be smarter than other suppliers by offering a unique sales proposition with highly competitive customer prices and generous reward packages, but just as important we have to make it ‘Easy-To-Do-Business’ with us.

As a leading independent supplier, we continue to invest in our sales partner relationships, building on our reputation as a genuine alternative to the ‘Big 6’ and improving the overall customer experience.

That‘s why we’ve introduced a new Smart Pricing Tool that allows you to swiftly look up prices and calculate the customers estimated monthly Budget Plan. Better still we’ve improved our Business Acceptance Policy to give you greater scope to recommend our products.

Learn more about Smartyn
To find out more, please login to our partner portal at and visit the new ‘Ask Smartyn’ page.

Thank you for working with Dual Energy, let’s make Britain smarter, one business at a time!

3rd February 2016

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