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Budget Plans - The SMARTER way to pay for energy

Every business wants to control cost. Electricity can be a significant overhead, so what better place to start? In addition to our market-leading prices, Budget Plan payments can help customers better manage their cash flow and control monthly bills.

Budget Plans explained:

- Fixed monthly payments for electricity usage
- Payment amount calculated on projected usage
- Same amount collected on same date each month by Direct Debit
- Predict your outgoings and better manage cash flow
- Regular review to keep payment in line with actual usage
- Accurate invoice based on actual reads from Smart Meter

At present, business customers only find out how much their electricity bill is around 15 days before they have to pay it. The amount can be difficult to predict especially at certain times of the year, affecting cash flow and budgeting.

Feedback shows that small businesses would prefer to pay for energy in the same way domestic customers do; through controllable fixed amounts. Many are already familiar with the benefits of doing this, so the case is a very strong one.

Through Budget Plan payments, our business customers will instead have predictable outgoings, be protected from back-billing, and remove the concern of seasonal fluctuations by smoothing payments through the summer and the winter months.

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10 June 2014

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