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Reading your meter
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If you do not submit your meter read/s by the 25th of the month your invoice may be based on estimated readings.

Submit an Electricity meter reading...

If we're unable to obtain a read or before we install a Smart Meter, if you'd like your invoice to show accurate usage, simply provide us with a read before the 25th of each month. Once we have installed a Smart Meter, your readings will be taken automatically.

To submit a reading you will require your electricity account number and meter serial number, these can be found on your bill. If you have more than one meter, please use the form again for each meter.

Online Meter Reading Form

*Indicates a required field.

Freephone Meter Read Service

Submit a meter reading via our 24/7 automated service on:

0800 088 4581

(Free when dialling from a landline, mobile charges vary)