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If you do not submit your meter read/s by the 25th of the month your invoice may be based on estimated readings.

Submit a meter reading...

If you have recently switched to Dual Energy or have received an estimated invoice from us, please provide us with a meter reading via one of the following methods:

SmartWeb Online Account

The best way to leave us a reading is via your SmartWeb Online Account. You'll need to register first (if you've not already done so). It's very easy and only takes a few minutes; you just need your Dual Energy account number.

You'll then be able to log in and leave us a reading, as well as view your monthly bills, make a payment, edit your account information and more...

Freephone Meter Reading Service

Submit a meter reading via our 24/7 automated service on:

0800 088 4581

(Free when dialling from a landline, mobile charges vary)

Please remember to state your account number and meter serial number when leaving your reading.

Meter Reading Webform

To leave a reading using our web form please select from the following:

- Electricity Reading Form

- Gas Reading Form