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Switching to Dual Energy

Help Guide

When will my Smart Meter be installed?

Once you have switched to Dual Energy, our 3rd party meter supplier will contact you to arrange Smart Meter installation. Our aim is to do this within 4-6 weeks of your transfer, depending on availability, but in some circumstances it may take longer. If your monthly bill is due during this time, simply provide us with a meter reading to help us ensure you only pay for the energy you use.

How long does the transfer take?

It usually takes around 3 weeks for your supply to come over to Dual Energy, the process is very straightforward. For further information including timescales, please view the help guide on the right-hand side.


What sort of service can I expect with Dual Energy?

We pride ourselves on delivering first-class customer services, no matter what size business you run. Our staff are well-trained to deal with your account enquiries, both promptly and professionally. We are based in the UK and always here to help.


Will you credit check my business?

We will check your details with an approved credit reference agency to assess your ability to make payments and the services we can offer you. If you fail the credit check, we will contact you to advise the options available to your business.

Why have I been asked to pay a security deposit?

If you have a poor credit rating we will ask for an upfront security deposit before we can supply service. The deposit amount will be based on your estimated annual consumption and will be held in a separate account until such time when we agree to refund it. Please view our Security Deposit Guide on the right-hand side for further details.

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