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Moving Premises

What should I do if moving premises?

If you are moving business location please let us know as soon as possible either by phoning our Change of Tenancy Team on 01903 703424 or online by using our moving premises form.

We will require you to provide an up-to-date meter reading (ideally on the day before or the day of the move). This will ensure that you are not charged for any electricity used after your moving date.

Why do I need to give a forwarding address?

We will send your final bill to a forwarding address. We will also ask you to give us details of the new tenants, landlord or other third party taking over the old premises. Please help us to swiftly complete the change of tenancy by contacting us on 01903 703424.

Can Dual Energy supply electricity at my new location?

We'd be delighted to quote a competitive supply price for your new location, please contact us on 01903 703400 for more information.

As a new tenant what do I need to provide Dual Energy with?
To setup a new account with Dual Energy, in addition to completing a change of tenancy application, we will require you to provide certain documents. These may include:

- A copy of your new lease
- A copy of your business rates
- Latest meter reads from the new premises
- Supplier invoice (e.g water bill or trade supply)

Please contact our UK Customer Services on 01903 703424 for more information.

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