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Energy Theft - What you need to know...

Dual Energy plays an active role in detecting, investigating and preventing the theft of electricity. This is as part of our electricity supply licence and as part of the Electricity Detection Incentive Scheme (ETDIS).

Those suspected of energy theft can be prosecuted under various acts, including the Theft Act 1968, the Criminal Damage Act 1971, the Criminal Law Act 1977, the Fraud Act 2006, and more, depending on where in the United Kingdom and to what extent the crime took place. Those who commit energy theft can face fines in the tens of thousands, and, in some circumstances, a prison sentence of up to five years.

Energy theft is an issue that causes major problems both for the energy supplier and consumer. It’s an illegal activity that can cost fellow consumers a significant amount of money, cause dangerous incidents and even fatalities.

The below infographic created by Crimestoppers shows the cost of energy theft to people, property and communities right across the UK.

Electricity Theft Infographic.pdf
(pdf doc, 462 kb)

If you suspect a business or premises supplied by Dual Energy has been affected by or subjected to electricity theft, please contact our UK Customers Services immediately on 01903 703400. You may also wish to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 023 2777. Crimestoppers operate an anonymous service for reporting such theft.